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Courses We Offer

6 months 270 hours19999

Digital Marketing

Master the art of reaching potential customers, and learn strategies & tactics for effective marketing campaigns.


3 months 90 hours9999

Search Engine Optimisation

Learn the techniques to enhance the visibility of websites in search engine results pages, driving organic traffic and improving online presence.


3 months 90 hours24999


Develop skills in designing user interfaces and experiences, focusing on creating intuitive and visually appealing digital products.


2 months 60 hours14999

Capital Market

Gain insights into the workings of capital markets, investment instruments, trading mechanisms, and market dynamics.


3 months 90 hours10000

Understanding the Finance

Explore the fundamentals of finance, including financial statements analysis, and budgeting.


4 months 120 hours19999

Financial Modeling

Learn to build financial models to analyze and forecast business performance, aiding in decision-making and strategic planning.


3 months 90 hours7999

Advanced Excel

Master advanced features and functions of Microsoft Excel, enabling efficient data analysis, reporting, and decision support.


2 months 60 hours12999

Accounting Software

Gain proficiency in using accounting software for managing financial transactions, generating reports, and ensuring compliance.


3 months 90 hours7999

Financial Literacy

Learn the principles and techniques of financial planning, including budgeting and risk management strategies.


3 months 90 hours39999

Understanding FOREX

Explore the dynamics of international markets, analyze market trends and various cultural factors.


1 month 30 hours6999

Time Management

Enhance productivity and efficiency by mastering time management techniques, prioritizing tasks, and minimizing distractions.


1 month 30 hours6999

Leadership Skills

Develop essential leadership qualities, including communication, decision-making, and team-building skills.


1 month 30 hours14999

Soft Skill & Personality

Enhance interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and overall personality traits to succeed in professional endeavors.

Soft SkillsPersonalityInterpersonal

3 months 90 hours9999

Human Resource Skills

Develop expertise in human resource management, covering everything from recruitment to employee relations.


6 months 180 hours36999

Comprehensive Skill Development

Comprehensive program covering essential skills for effective personal development.


6 months 180 hours17999

Full Stack Development

Learn both front-end and back-end development technologies, mastering the most in-demand skills.

Full StackDevelopmentWeb

4 months 120 hours12499

Front End Development

Focus on front-end technologies such as GSAP, CSS, and React.js to create engaging web pages.


3 months 90 hours10499

Backend Development

Learn the server-side programming languages like Node.js, Express.js, and many more.


2 months 60 hours6999

Basics of Web

Gain foundational knowledge of web development concepts, including HTML, CSS, and basic scripting languages.


1 month 30 hours7999

Content Management System

Learn to manage content using popular CMS, simplifying website and application development.


Fast Track Courses

2 days 2 hours

API Development

Learn to build robust and efficient APIs using RESTful principles. Master JSON data format and understand various HTTP methods for seamless communication between clients and servers.


4 days 2 hours

GSAP + Tailwind

Explore the combination of GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) with Tailwind CSS to create stunning web animations. Gain hands-on experience in building dynamic and visually appealing websites.


1 day 2 hours

Psychology Trading

Delve into the psychology behind trading decisions. Understand behavioral finance principles and psychological factors influencing market behavior. Learn effective strategies for managing emotions and making informed trading decisions.


1 day 2 hours

Content Writing using AI

Discover how to leverage AI technologies for content creation. Learn about natural language processing and AI writing tools to generate high-quality content efficiently.


3 days 2 hours

Basic Finance

Gain fundamental knowledge in finance including financial analysis, budgeting, and investment basics. Equip yourself with essential skills for making sound financial decisions.


4 days 1.5 hours

Ads campaign

Learn to create and optimize effective advertising campaigns. Understand ad targeting strategies, campaign optimization techniques, and conversion tracking methods for maximizing ROI.


4 days 1.5 hours

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Master the art of Pay Per Click advertising. Explore keyword research, ad copywriting, and PPC bid management strategies to drive targeted traffic and achieve campaign objectives.


3 days 2 hours

Fast Track SEO

Accelerate your understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Learn on-page and off-page SEO strategies along with the effective use of SEO tools to improve website visibility and traffic.


4 days 1.5 hours

Social Media Marketing

Discover the power of social media in marketing. Learn to develop effective social media strategies, create engaging content, and analyze metrics to reach and engage potential customers effectively.